Tracking Progress Initiative

Video Tutorial

How to Create a Username & Working Group

In order to use this tool - including entering data in the six surveys, generating reports of that data, and collaborating with your working group on completing the surveys and implementing best practices for children’s care in your country – you will need to obtain login information (a username and password) from the Tool’s administrator. Watch this video to learn more.

How to Complete the Survey

There are six surveys in total, one overview survey, four thematic surveys, and one final survey. Each survey contains a series of questions that are designed to gather the most amount of information possible about the care of children in your country. You do not have to complete the survey in one sitting and can save your responses and return to them at any time. Before you begin the surveys, you will work with your team to gather the data that you will need to answer the questions. For a list of resources you may need, visit the Step-by-Step Guide and review Step 4: Gathering Data. Make sure that you have this data on hand as you answer the survey. Watch this video to learn more.

How to Return to a Survey

If you begin entering responses into a particular survey, and then save and exit that survey, you will be able to return to the same survey to continue entering responses, or to update previously-entered responses. If you start that survey anew, you will have two different versions of the survey. Watch this video to learn more.

How to Compare Survey Data

You can compare survey data across countries using this feature of the Tracking Tool. You will also be able to filter your comparison by particular questions and responses to see only those survey data that match your filters. Then you’ll be able to generate a report and create an Excel file of the data. Watch this video to learn more.

How to Generate a Chart of Your Data

Once you’ve entered responses in a survey, you will be able to analyse some of the quantitative data you’ve entered in the survey by generating tables, graphs, or charts to visually represent that data. You can select individual responses in your surveys to analyse. Watch this video to learn more.

Please Note that you will also be able to analyse qualitative data from your survey by downloading your survey responses as an Excel file and using Excel features to further analyse your data. For more information, visit the “Review and Analyse Data” page.

How to Use the Follow-Up Plan

The Follow-Up Plan is the task management feature of the Tracking Progress Initiative Tool that allows you to develop and collaborate on plans or “tasks” to: identify missing information needed to complete the survey, collect the data or conduct the research to find the information yourselves, or enhance and improve the implementation of the Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children and other best practices for children’s care in your country.

Make sure to print or save a report of your survey responses and open up the “References” page of this Tool to compare your responses with the best practices laid out in the Guidelines and other reference documents. Links to these documents are found at the top of the Follow-Up Plan page. Watch this video to learn more.