Tracking Progress Initiative

Step 9

Analysing and Comparing Data

In order to track your progress, you need to log in. If you don’t have a username yet, please, use the contact form to request one. After logging in, a new menu option named ‘Use the Tool’ will be available on the left of the screen

In addition to reviewing and following up on the data you have entered, you will also be able to analyse some of that data through charts and tables. You will also be able to compare the data shared by other users and working groups in other countries.

Analysing Data

To analyse your responses, including generating graphs and tables of the data you have entered and filtering your responses, click “Download as Excel” on the “My Surveys” page to download an Excel file of your survey responses. Use the Excel software to conduct further analysis of your survey data.

Comparing Data

Beyond analysing and reviewing your own data, and that of your own working group, you will also be able to compare data that other users of the Tool have agreed to share publicly. Visit the ‘Compare Data’ page and choose a particular survey to explore. Here, you can filter for particular questions and responses and generate a table or Excel file comparing the questions you have selected across all publicly shared surveys, with the option to filter for only those that match a particular response.