Tracking Progress Initiative

Step 3

Two-stage approach

The Tracking Progress tool uses a two-stage approach to gathering country level data and evidence:

Part A

Overview of the alternative care system in your country. Answers to the questions in Part A will provide general insights and provide an introduction to the more detailed thematic areas.

Part B

In depth exploration of thematic areas. Each theme has sub themes which are divided into general and detailed indicators.

There are different options for a multi-agency team to complete the tool:

  • complete the whole tool at once (will require 2 days)
  • complete individual sections – e.g. the Overview or one or more of the four Themes
  • complete the whole tool over a period of time.

Upon completion of either Part A alone or the whole Tool (A & B), a report can be downloaded and printed to show a country’s progress in relation to the Guidelines. The report will provide an important resource for policy development and actions for improvement.

Timeframe for Completing Tracking Progress

The process of completing the tool should be revisited at regular intervals. It is suggested that this should be: