Tracking Progress Initiative

Step 8

Tracking Your Progress

In order to track your progress, you need to log in. If you don’t have a username yet, please, use the contact form to request one.
After logging in, a new menu option named ‘Use the Tool’ will be available on the left of the screen

Through the ‘Review & Analyse Data’ page, you will be able to access the Follow-Up Plan page. You will also be able to access the data analysis features of the Tool. You may choose to analyse and compare the data you have entered first, before reviewing and setting follow-up plans. As such, Steps 8 & 9 can be taken in any order and repeated as many times as desired.

Task Management Feature

The Follow-Up Plan page is the task management feature of the Tracking Progress Tool that allows you to set goals and deadlines for data collection and entry with your working group members, as well as to make plans for implementing best practices for children’s care.

In order to use this feature most effectively, you will want to print or save a report of your survey responses, which can be done by clicking the printer icon under the ‘Action’ column. You will also want to have at hand the Tracking Tool reference list and reference documents. This way, you can check how your responses compare to the Guidelines and other standards for children’s care set out in those reference documents, and create a plan with your working group for improving implementation of those practices.

You may want to create a follow-up plan with your working group to:

  • identify and locate resources and missing information in order to answer survey questions,
  • identify information that is not available,
  • collect data or conduct research to fill information gaps,
  • identify areas in which your country has not been implementing the Guidelines and ways to move forward with implementation,
  • identify areas in which implementation of the Guidelines is inconsistent or could otherwise be enhanced,
  • and more.

The tool allows you to follow-up on individual survey questions by:

  • setting goals,
  • assigning tasks to certain members of the Working Group,
  • establishing timelines for follow-up and completion,
  • leaving messages and comments for Working Group members,
  • documenting progress made toward completion of tasks,
  • and flagging priority tasks.

Login or Sign up and then Click Use the Tool » Review & Analyse Data to get started.