Tracking Progress Initiative

Step 1

Team Approach

Completing the Tracking Progress Initiative Tool is a large commitment and a significant undertaking and the Steering Committee thanks you for taking the time to review the steps to completing the tool and undergoing this process. We hope that you will find our explanations and guides useful.

It takes a team to complete Tracking Progress! All potential users are encouraged to read this Step-by-Step Guide, which can be accessed using the tabs on the left, before completing the tool. The guide is also available in PDF form here.

It is anticipated that a multi-agency team, or working group, will need to be brought together to identify the data and evidence required to answer the questions in the Tracking Progress tool. This will enable the working group to develop as accurate and complete a picture as possible of the alternative care system in their country. Government officials should be part of a Tracking Progress team as the principal duty-bearers with regard to children’s rights and the monitoring of alternative care resources. However, a team will need to draw on resources and expertise from across sectors.

The measuring tool is a web-based resource. It has been designed so that teams can work on completing it over a period of time, saving the data as they go along.

Composition of Team for Completing the Tool

A multi-agency team of people who are stakeholders in children’s care and protection in a country is the most effective team to complete the Tracking Progress Tool. Consideration should be given to the size of the working group so that it includes key stakeholders but is not so large that it inhibits participation.

Different stakeholders could include:

  • national government officials with responsibility for children and families
  • other relevant ministries;
  • national and internationals NGOs;
  • representatives of provincial or local government;
  • representatives from children and families, health, education and justice services; and
  • community leaders.

The working group involved in completing Tracking Progress may wish to involve parents and children and community leaders during the process in some form– or develop a parallel process using individual themes and questions as starting points for discussion.